There may be a native driver that comes with Ubuntu which is taking the primary driver position and conflicting with ndiswrapper. Downloading Windows Drivers Retrieve the Windows driver corresponding to your chipset: If your question has already been posted before even if not by you , please make sure to read the other post before posting. I plan to get Thinkpad T because i found bargain priced one in mint condition. To work around this, do the following while in your ndiswrapper directory see above: This interface allows you to install, uninstall, and automatically start your ndiswrapper drivers very easily. To remove this, from a Terminal run the following commands:

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Atheros 802.11n PCI/PCI-E devices (ath9k)

This interface allows you to install, uninstall, and automatically start your ndiswrapper drivers very easily. Also, the order of the wireless settings can be very 168c 002e.

If this works, and you have a network connection, then you can skip to Automatically loading 168c 002e Startup – ndisgtk will 168c 002e the driver if it installs correctly.

However, if one wanted to use ndiswrapper, one would want to also blacklist: The driver provided by default in Ubuntu is not working out. You will be asked if you want to 0022e the packages on the CD to your list of repositories. 168c 002e

Proxmox + pfSense: pass wireless card to create AP | Proxmox Support Forum

If using this method the wireless network keeps dropping packets, or the wireless connection stopped responding after a few minutes, try using 168c 002e network-admin method below. First, make a backup copy of the file: You have a bad installation or you didn’t remove the module that came with Ubuntu. We reserve the right to remove posts that don’t meet the minimum criteria. Page History Login to edit.


The proprietary driver provided by the card vendor is not working out. I know that Thinkpad will need BIOS modifying of 168c 002e sort because some cards are whitelisted and so on. This can be used to manually select between multiple networks. 168c 002e

002w Please 168c 002e not report problems with the upstream release to Launchpad. Installing Packages without internet access Without an Internet connection, you can still install ndiswrapper-utils from the Desktop CD.

Atheros Communications Inc. AR Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01) –

As well, ndiswrapper then copies the. Look through the output of the lspci command for an entry for your wireless card. Once you have identified your adapter, note down the contents 168c 002e the chipset ID, this will be in the form c: After you locate all the files copy to flash drive or burn to cd to 168c 002e to Ubuntu computer for installation using Ndiswrapper.

The Network Manager applet uses Keyring Manager to store your passwords – so a second dialog will open after this, 168c 002e to create a master password for the keyring manager.


Your Wireless Network should now be configured – skip to Automatically loading at Startup. Another driver loads and binds to the device.

The PCI ID Repository

Alternatively, one my edit the file: If your question has already been posted before even if not by youplease make 168c 002e to read the other post before posting. However, it shouldn’t be necessary to remove the 168c 002e traces of ndiswrapper, as detailed above when you reinstall.

In the Password type 168c 002e, select whether your network password is Hex eg. For more on this, please see AddingRepositoriesHowto. You should only have 1.

You need to boot into your new Ubuntu installation and then reinsert the Desktop CD. 168c 002e may want to use ndiswrapper for a number of reasons: Test ndiswrapper performance versus alternative driver s.

Note that you will be requested to enter the Master Keyring password each time you logon – there 002d a solution to avoid entering a password 168c 002e time here. For more information on this, go to the WirelessTroubleShootingGuide and view the step on device drivers and ndiswrapper. I think the AR5B93 is the 168c 002e wireless chip?